DUFrontCoverFinalWebJesus was the perfect model of an intentional disciple maker. In today’s church, too many of us have morphed this perfect model into a pale imitation: A one-way “information dump” of scriptural truths; teaching or lecturing at the expense or avoidance of investing our time into the lives of people within our various spheres of influence.

Disciples Unleashed is a call to action! This book is a written invitation to return to the very model that sparked a revolutionary transformation at the very heart of who we are and who we are meant to be. It’s time to strip away the hundreds of years of religiosity permeating our doctrines and churches, laying bare the essence of what Jesus asks of His followers—our commitment to love God and love others, to go and make disciples, teaching them all of what Jesus has shown us, and in doing so, to join together the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment.

After all, though you can teach what you know, you reproduce who you are. This is God’s plan. This is Jesus’ model. This is Disciples Unleashed!

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